We move the easy and not so easy, the big and the small. Our reliable and flexible fleet of trucks are ready to take your consignments anywhere in Australia.

You will see M&S vehicles on the road including 7 tonne, 12 pallet rigid trucks, 22 pallet semi trailers, 34 pallet b-doubles and 44 pallet road trains.

We have tautliner variations at all fleet sizes, as well as trailers with varying suspension and mezzanine floors.

Many rigid trucks have tailgates fitted for remote deliveries or deliveries to sites without loading and unloading capabilities.

Rigid Fleet

Our rigid fleet vehicles range from 7 to 9 tonnes carrying capacity. All have enough tray space to carry 12 pallet spaces worth of freight (up to 7.2 metre lengths).

We offer open tops and tautliners (also known as curtainsiders), and many of our tautliners are equipped with tailgates and pallet jacks for deliveries to sites without access to forklifts or other unloading facilities.

Larger Vehicles

For larger shipments, we offer semi trailers (22 pallet spaces, 23000-25000kgs), B-doubles (34 pallet spaces, 34000-36000 kgs) and road trains (44 pallet spaces, 46000-48000kgs).

We offer these in open and tautliner configurations. We also operate drop deck and double drop deck trailers to accommodate extra high loads.

And, of course, all of these are available to transport over dimensional materials as well.