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168 Tonnes of Conveyor Belts Via Multiple Trucks in Convoy to Keep Victoria’s Power on

M&S Transport coordinated multiple trucks in convoy to deliver 168 tonnes of conveyor belts, ensuring uninterrupted power supply in Victoria.

Delivering conveyor belts across Australia is a critical service especially when it comes to providing belts to Victoria’s largest electricity producer to keep the lights on.

M&S Transport were engaged to collect more than 168 tonnes worth of conveyor belt from Western Australia for delivery in convoy to AGL’s Loy Yang B power plant in Gippsland Victoria.

The belts were required on site at the same time to ensure the shortest down-time possible for the change-over and reduce shutdown costs. The pressure was on the from outset to ensure a seamless and efficient collection and delivery plan that safely completed the job.

M&S Transport enacted our Priority Assignment Protocol (PAP), a process that calls in our senior management team for an urgent assignment briefing and project analysis.

On this occasion, our operations team took the lead with input from sales and executive management. The result was a comprehensive and integrated transport plan that focused on maximising our drivers’ allowable drive time whilst ensuring the belts were transported in the shortest time frame.

Our operations team and the relevant account manager focused on the staggered delivery of belts for arrival at the site which allowed the client enough time to unload the belts one after the other in a small laydown area.

We provided our client with a summary brief for final approval whilst preparing our assets for immediate loading and dispatch of the freight.

Once underway, we tracked the shipment via out satellite GPS tracking system to provide our client progress reports via email during transit.

With no significant delays or incidents, we arrived safely in Traralgon, Victoria on time.

Deadline met; penalties avoided. Job done.

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