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An Urgent Express Delivery of Silicon Carbide From Queensland to Portland, Victoria to Avoid a $100,000 Per Hour Shutdown Penalty

M&S Transport urgently delivered silicon carbide from Queensland to Portland, avoiding costly shutdown penalties.

When the Alcoa smelter in Portland Victoria needed a consignment of silicon carbide to keep its aluminium production running, M&S Transport got the call.

Silicon carbide forms a critical part of the aluminium production process and without it, the entire plant would have been forced into a costly shutdown until the mineral arrived.

M&S Transport immediately enacted our Priority Assignment Protocol (PAP), a process that calls in our senior management team for an urgent assignment briefing and project analysis.

This collaboration between operations, sales and executive management allows M&S Transport to quickly and efficiently assess all elements of a priority job to ensure each part of the transport matrix is covered off including:

  • Selecting the best staff driver for the job
  • Allocating vehicle(s)
  • Preparing a Fatigue Management Plan (FMP)
  • Mapping the safest and quickest route
  • Sharing updates on all external elements including weather, traffic, and regulations.

Once agreed, we provided our client with a summary brief for final approval whilst preparing our assets for immediate loading of the freight.

Once underway, we tracked the shipment via our NavMan satellite GPS tracking system to provide our client progress reports via text message every 3 hours as requested.

With no significant delays or incidents, we arrived safely in Portland Victoria with some 5 hours to spare.

Shutdown averted; penalties avoided. Job done.

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