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Collecting and Delivering Large Format Container-Sized Switch Rooms for Cloud Data Storage

M&S Transport excelled in collecting and delivering large-format container-sized switch rooms for cloud data storage, providing seamless and secure logistics solutions.

The world’s appetite for cloud data storage has exploded exponentially and Australia is one of the biggest global users of cloud storage services.

Designed to “plug” into a 40’ slot in a building, these switch rooms are constructed on a container frame foot print, and carry all of the generator power and electrical hardware to back-up and support hundreds and thousands of computer servers.

These are the servers that store data for global brands such as Facebook, Google and Instagram, along with financial institutions and government departments.

M&S Transport’s experience in moving large power generators, electrical switchboards and components nationally made us a sound choice for transporting finished container-sized switch rooms.

Our project planning team collaborated with our operations team to map a simple and efficient loading, collection and delivery process that allowed us to collect several large switch rooms and deliver to site for crane unload within any given 24-hour period.

The result was a seamless and efficient transport project completed on time, on budget and without incident.

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