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Delivering Rubber Conveyor Belts in Sequential Order

M&S Transport successfully delivered 19 sets of 44-tonne rubber conveyor belts in sequential order within a span of 6 weeks.

M&S Transport recently completed a complex and challenging project moving 19 rubber conveyor belts each weighing 44 tonnes, from Western Australia to Queensland. The project was completed within a very short six-week window, covering a total distance of 84,170 km, crossing the 4,400 km width of Australia 19 times.

The transport of these 44 tonne conveyor belts presented a unique set of challenges for M&S Transport. The conveyor belts were heavy, bulky, awkward, and needed to be transported across the country each time without being damaged. Additionally, the belts had to be collected and delivered to site in sequential order as well as being transported across some of the most remote areas of Australia, which posed several logistical challenges.

To overcome these challenges, M&S Transport deployed a team of experienced and skilled professionals who worked closely with the client to develop a comprehensive logistics plan. The team used advanced technology, planning systems and highly experienced drivers to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of the belts.

The transport process involved several stages, including safely loading the belts via crane, designing customised security and handling guidelines, and coordinating communication with each truck and driver as the belts made their way to their destination.

During the transportation process, the driving team had to navigate through challenging terrain and extreme weather conditions, including heatwaves and heavy rain, which further added to the complexity of the project.

Despite the challenges, the team at M&S Transport was able to complete the project on time and under budget.

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