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Delivering an Emergency Replacement Switchboard From Sydney to Regional South Australia to Keep The Launch of a Solar Farm Project on Track

M&S Transport swiftly delivered an emergency replacement switchboard from Sydney to regional South Australia, ensuring the solar farm project launch remained on track.

As the leading road transport partner for many of Australia’s biggest power companies, our integrated suite of specialised 4PL services have been developed and refined over many years. It is this experience and expertise that has seen us transport sensitive and expensive electrical componentry across the country with confidence and a level of reliability that is second to none.

Which is why we received the call when a significant piece of electrical infrastructure at Meralli’s 8.9MW Baroota solar farm at Port Germein in South Australia’s Spencer Gulf region needed to be replaced.

This innovative small-scale renewable project was completed in just eight weeks but could not proceed without the replacement of a faulty switchboard. The problem was the replacement switchboard was in Sydney NSW and the solar farm was 1,450 km away in Port Germein SA.

M&S Transport activated its Priority Protocol and within 50 minutes, had a fully serviced and fuelled vehicle with two dedicated and experienced drivers on site to collect the replacement part. Within 90 minutes they were strapped down, completed their preliminary job check and setting off for South Australia.

Before our drivers hit the road, the M&S Transport management team were working behind the scenes to double check all back end documentation, processes and protocols. This included signing off on amended fatigue management planning and critical road data for the dedicated route that was plotted for the job.

Contingency planning was also conducted to ensure that in the event of an unforeseen incident or mechanical breakdown, a backup collect could be enacted to keep the switchboard in transit. Finally, a third driver was placed on standby so that if needed, we were able to fly the replacement driver to the nearest local airstrip or property and swap him over should that be required.

The switchboard was delivered to the client on site with 2 hours to spare. The unit arrived exactly has it had been dispatched; undamaged and fit for purpose.

It was loaded into position and switched on within 20 minutes of arrival at the solar farm.

Our drivers earned themselves the night off and a big steak dinner.

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