M&S Transport

Express COVID-19 Supplies and Ventilator Production Across Australia

M&S Transport played a crucial role in swiftly delivering COVID-19 supplies and facilitating ventilator production across Australia.

Rapid response to urgent problems with effective solutions is what our reputation is built upon.

When the global pandemic hit Australian shores in March of 2020, the nation was unprepared. Australia urgently needed medical supplies, in particular ventilators, and our manufacturing industry responded with an emergency manufacturing plan not seen outside of wartime.

Manufacturers whose production lines are usually filled with aeronautical parts were suddenly producing components for ventilators – in many instances working from nothing more than a pdf schematic from Europe. Boutique suppliers of washers and hoses were retrofitting their equipment to produce new sizes and thickness specifications overnight. Alcohol distillers were suddenly producing sanitiser instead of gin through their stills. Anything that could be done to help.

And in the middle of all of this was M&S Transport.

Could we collect in Dandenong at 8:00pm tonight and have it in Hornsby by 9:00am tomorrow?

Could we collect in Derrimut and make 9 separate deliveries throughout regional NSW and the ACT?

And what about Newcastle ? Could we then, after making those deliveries, head on to another manufacturer in Newcastle, collect another load and drop that to the same 9 regional locations in NSW and ACT?

Yes. Of course. Yes, yes and yes. The answer was yes every time.

Mindful of fatigue laws and regulations, we enacted a plan that required remote driver changeovers to ensure a fresh driver was behind the wheel at all times. But, just like all of these manufacturers, we got the job done.

Elsewhere in the country, we had dozens of trailers per week meeting dedicated flights in Sydney and Melbourne collecting full loads of protective masks and medical equipment for express transfer to other capital cities across Australia for distribution to frontline medical workers in hospitals and clinics. These mezzanine floor tautliner trailers facilitate rapid loading, maximum capacity and all without double stacking on top of pallets, ensuring every pallet collected was delivered in perfect condition.

When it matters most, M&S Transport is there.

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