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Temperature Controlled Transport of Lithium-ion Battery Systems

M&S Transport specialises in temperature-controlled transport of lithium-ion battery systems, ensuring their safe and reliable delivery while maintaining optimal storage conditions.

M&S Transport has developed a reliable and efficient temperature-controlled delivery process for the transport and delivery of Lithium-ion batteries around Australia.

For owners of critical applications, power availability is the number one priority. The power flowing to their application(s) simply must not fail, regardless of whether that is on Level 50 in the heart of the Sydney central business district, or an off-the-grid free-standing system in support of infrastructure in remote outback Australia.

The ever-increasing demand for reliable, lightweight and compact UPS energy storage for critical power applications across Australia which in turn supports remote and regional off-grid power and mining infrastructure has become critical.

Lithium-ion battery solutions have overtaken traditional valve-regulated lead acid batteries (VRLA) as the battery of choice for these applications because of their faster charging; smaller and lighter footprint and an increased lifespan of nearly 5x that of traditional batteries. The choice is simple.

But the transportation of these temperature-sensitive batteries? Not so simple.

Our challenge was to develop and execute a reliable and efficient temperature-controlled delivery process for the transport and unloading of multiple Lithium-ion batteries to one of Australia’s most remote and dangerous locations in the world – the Cooper Basin in South Australia.

Travelling nearly 1,400 km south-west from Sydney into remote North-East South Australia and navigating some of the most arid, remote and dangerous terrain in Australia. To put this into sharp focus, when the temperature hovers around 50-degrees Celsius, you do not want to breakdown without a backup vehicle and plenty of water. It can be deadly!

The M&S Transport project management team put together a comprehensive overview of the delivery destination and a transport / delivery plan that included a prime mover; back-up prime mover and satellite navigation tracking of all personnel to ensure both our staff and the cargo was on our radar the whole time.

The freight was transported in custom-designed container frames that were air-conditioned and diesel-powered to ensure we were able to maintain a stable and constant temperature for the cargo.

Our drivers were hand-picked as the most experienced transport professionals on our team, and the General Manager was installed as our project lead to oversee the consignment.

The result? We delivered. Again. Lithium-ion batteries on-site, on time, undamaged and cooler than a Melbourne winter’s day.

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