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Does M&S Transport Comply?

HVNL & CoR Legislation Amendments.

How does M&S Transport ensure its staff are compliant with the new HVNL and CoR legislation amendments?

M&S Transport has always placed a focus on staff education and training. From our drivers to our forklift operators to our operations staff and management team, we have a system of continuous improvement designed to ensure our training needs are met.

Across the business our employees have formal qualifications in business management, workplace health and safety, heavy vehicle maintenance and repair.

As a business operating the NHVR Basic Fatigue Management Scheme, our operations planners and schedulers are all accredited under this scheme, and are authorised to plan journeys and administer fatigue management systems to ensure fatigue requirements are met.

We also have independent policies and procedures related to express shipments and two-up driving that are designed to maximise out of vehicle rest for drivers, rather than fastest possible delivery time.

Our staff are also trained in applying CoR legislation and regulations, developing, administering and applying CoR policies and procedures. This ensures all key personnel understand their obligations and responsibilities under both Work Health and Safety and CoR and the expectations of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

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