Exhibitions & Events

We are exhibition and show experts, providing specialised event logistics services to over 100 shows per year across Australia.

Our skilled exhibition and events team understand the planning, transport and handling requirements necessary to deliver a customised solution so your exhibition or event happens seamlessly.

Whatever the nature of your event, we provide customised, reliable event transport services with expertly trained staff to transport your exhibition cargo. We work with you to build a logistics plan of your event,  including fragile, express or specialised freight services and 24/7 loading and unloading facilities for your highly valuable cargo.

We offer planning, pickup, transport, onsite handling, storage and return delivery services.

Our pallet and wrap team can arrive at your site and prepare all materials for shipment. We will then collect and deliver to the exhibition, trade show, expo or other event.

At this time our team can either meet, or provide you with a team of people to oversee the bumping in of your stand, booth or display.

We also offer the ability to remove pallets and packing materials back to our warehouse for the duration of the show, and return them to the event for bump out. This eliminates any risk of loss or additional charge by the event organisers during the event.

Once the show is complete we can return and repack, reload and deliver goods back to your warehouse.