We understand specialised needs and build custom transport equipment solutions to suit.

Engineering is a passion of one of our directors, John Madden, who owned and operated an engineering company prior to founding M&S Transport.

We understand the delicate nature of the products produced in this industry, and take great care in designing transport solutions to ensure the goods arrive in perfect working condition. We have extensive experience in shipping specialised engineering goods, including power generators, cubicles, frames, racks, transformers, gas flues, gas expulsion kits andĀ furnaces.

Our transport solutions and service offering includes designing and manufacturing specific covers and tarps, complete with your company logo to ensure the safe transit of equipment that is oversized, or unsuitable for transit inside taut liners (covered trucks). Items that are to be loaded and/or unloaded by cranes are often unsuitable for transit inside taut liners, and often incur unnecessary transit costs as a result.

We also offer onsite consulting to all our clients, a service we have found is particularly valuable among engineering companies. More often than not, when our clients have our expert team review their shipments prior to despatch, we are able to reduce transport costs, alleviate risks and increase shipment productivity and logistics efficiency.

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