M&S Transport

Freight and Logistics Solutions for Government Departments And Their Suppliers

In 2020 during the early stages of the COVID pandemic, M&S Transport began providing assistance to State and Federal Governments, providing urgent logistics support to move truck loads of masks, ventilator parts and medical supplies.

Leveraging two decades of experience in providing reliable and robust transport and logistics services to defence primes, their tier 1 contractors and defence SME’s, we haven’t looked back.

From Museums, to Science Departments, and of course, Defence, we are here to help.

Customisation is the key.

The needs of government are vast and varied. This is why we design reliable and robust solutions that are customised for operational excellence.

We are nimble and flexible in our approach to supply chain management, and we know that consistency and trust are key measures of success in supply chain networks.

We provide you with a professional and experienced transport executive as your single point of contact to oversee and manage the execution of your transport and logistics requirements.

This way we can ensure goods are delivered the minute they are required, and that we can travel cross-country with a dedicated vehicle to meet a departing boat, or a time critical collection or delivery.

We do it time after time. It does not matter how large the cargo, how unpredictable the container arrivals, how tight the deadlines or how harsh and remote the delivery destination – we get the job done safely, securely and on-time.

Sharbel Farah

Project Manager, Operations

Sharbel Farah is a versatile professional with degrees in electrical engineering, business and economics. As a skilled project manager, he excels in managing complex projects and delivering tangible results.

We Develop

We develop 360° concepts for government department supply chains from the collection of your containers off the wharf right through to the final mile delivery.

We Manage

We manage and monitor your road transport to ensure we maintain visibility of your consignment from collection to delivery.

We Communicate

We contact and liaise directly with your end user at point of delivery to provide executive-level service and to ensure your client receives service excellence.

We Deliver

We deliver real added value through the prompt provision of proof of delivery, inventory management, contract warehousing and short-term storage solutions, invoicing and account management.

Government Focused Transport Solutions

Renewable Energy

We have been involved in the alternative and renewable energy industry for more than 20 years, providing solutions to solar farms, thermal power plants and wind farm projects.

Oversize and Overmass

The complexities and risk in oversize and overmass transport is best mitigated via intelligent planning. Intensive pre-shipment investigative work underpins our oversize and overmass solutions.


Are you looking for storage space? We have short term and long term warehousing offerings in all capital cities.

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Safewrap Pallet Shrinking Service


Wrap your sensitive items with Wrapsafe shrink wrapping to avoid moisture, dust and other harmful elements during transit.


When sending high value cargo via any form of freight, it's crucial to consider the possibility of loss or damage during transit.

Solar Sensitivities

We know the importance of solar sensitivities during transport and take measures to ensure the safe delivery of solar equipment.

O&M Supply Chain

Operations and Maintenance Supply Chain is a critical component of the renewable energy industry which we are proud to service.

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Sharbel Farah