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Introducing Jarrod Engdahl

Jarrod Engdahl has recently joined the M&S team as National Operations Manager. We went for a coffee to get to know him a bit better.

MST: So Jarrod, tell us a little about your background in transport.

JE: I have worked in the transport sector for the past 15 years. I spent 10 years within the Toll express parcel business, where I  managed one of Australia’s most extensive line-haul networks, before moving into specialised system development and setting up their flagship 55,000 SQM warehouse sortation system in Tullamarine.

MST: So with this move into a smaller, more boutique transport business, what do you see your biggest challenges being?

JE: I actually see a lot of similarities between the two businesses. My previous role was heavily centred around system development, but it was system development to meet client need. M&S is the same. We design and implement transport solutions that provide an optimal fit for client requirements.

MST: The industry has been talking about the new Heavy Vehicle National Law for months now. What is your perspective on this?

JE: I have a strong background in road transport legislation and chain of responsibility and I am a passionate advocate for safety within our industry. If these new laws provide for safer roads and workplaces, than I support them wholeheartedly.

MST: What are your initial thoughts on M&S?

JE: Well, firstly, they are a great group of people. I have been welcomed with open arms and I am very pleased to have joined the M&S Transport team. The role of National Operations Manager comes with lots of exciting challenges, and I am looking forward to helping them build on this fantastic business.

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