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Controlling the Uncontrollable

Tarping Strategies for Safety

Tarping in a controlled environment with ladders, multiple staff and forklifts is in principle a controllable risk, however when delivering to remote locations, construction or agricultural sites where there is not appropriate equipment or assistance, often drivers are required to remove the tarp in potentially hazardous conditions which poses a significant risk of injury, principally working at height and slips/falls from vehicles.

Hiring a forklift to unload these goods eliminates the OH&S risk and provides a much safer workplace for drivers to operate in.  There is also a commercial benefit, as forklift hire is often more economical than hiring a crane and dogman.

M&S Transport will be purchasing additional equipment for our vehicles to assist drivers when having to tarp and untarp loads. To offset this cost, we will be implementing a flat tarping fee of $595.00+GST on all loads requiring tarping.

We encourage our customers to use forklifts whenever possible on future jobs. M&S Transport is more than happy to organise forklifts to unload on our client’s behalf.

Thank you for assisting us in providing the safest workplace possible for our drivers and loading team.