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M&S Delivers 34-Tonne ABB Generator Brisbane to Perth Without a Hitch

M&S Transport recently moved a 34-tonne over dimensional ABB generator in 3 separate pieces from Brisbane to Perth covering 4,347 kms across 5 states.

When ABB’s WA office sent an over-size power generator from Perth to Brisbane almost 2 years ago, no one warned them that their load would experience significant vibration and bounce during the marathon 4,347 kilometre trip.

Whilst the generator arrived at ABB’s Eagle Farm location in one piece, the intake and exhaust attenuators had suffered significant damage to their internal louvres, costing ABB significant time and money in repairs which in turn delayed the ‘fit for use’ date of the generator.

In time, the generator became surplus to ABB power needs in Brisbane; the unit was essentially moth-balled; and moved to the driveway separating the Administration Building and Main Building at Eagle Farm.

By August 2016 however, it became apparent that ABB Kewdale’s power requirements in Perth had changed and additional generator testing power was needed. The forgotten generator in Brisbane was being considered as one of a few options to meet this need.

So, in December 2016, ABB Kewdale issued a request for quotation to move the generator back from Brisbane to Perth and asked M&S Transport to participate in the tender process.

As the National Key Account Manager responsible for all ABB Australia assignments, I conducted a review of the assignment; produced a Summary Project Plan; and forwarded our submission for consideration.

Given the significant sums involved, ABB management and finance took time to consider all options and in June 2017, decided to proceed with the move of the generator back to Perth. A revised proposal was requested from all suppliers which we participated in.

We failed to win the work, initially losing out to a lower bidder. However, once all hidden costs were disclosed, M&S Transport was quickly identified as the supplier of choice – and we went to work.

As the Project Manager in charge, I facilitated a planning meeting and site visit on location in Eagle Farm with all stakeholders.

The generator, which on its own weighed 30,000 kgs, was wedged in-between the two attenuators with only 1 metre on either side which, in turn, were blocked into the driveway by a 10 foot container that was set behind a wire gate.

To make the assignment even more interesting, a data and power cable had been strung 1 metre above the front attenuator between the two buildings on either side.

We needed a real solution, real fast.

The key to our execution was a dedicated extendable double drop-deck with air-bag suspension and driven by an experienced member of our heavy-haulage team. We also supplied a flat top semi-trailer to carry all the accessories and support equipment for the generator.

The lifting was done by a LTM1350 220 tonne crane, complete with a massive 35.2m boom which lifted the generator and the attenuators, one at a time straight up out of the driveway, swinging over the Main Building and down onto our trucks

Once secure, the two over-dimensional loads departed immediately for Perth with a brief to deliver safely and to deadline.

We monitored the progress of the vehicles via our command and control centre and were able to advise ABB in Perth that we were ahead of schedule, eventually delivering to ABB in Western Australia in under 4 days.

The generator and the attenuators arrived ‘in full and on time’ and with no damage to the attenuators. Not a single louvre had been damaged in transit which we put down to three factors.

One, our vehicles and drivers were selected for purpose and delivered as required.

Second, a simple observation made on site during the planning meeting identified that we if we transported the attenuators so that the louvres were standing vertically, there was less likelihood of damage due to vibration.

Finally, a quick trip to the local Bunnings was required, where we purchased inflatable air beds and inserted them between the louvres to provide extra support during transit.

It worked.

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National Sales & Marketing Manager
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