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New Additions to our Metro Melbourne Fleet

M&S are continuing to invest heavily in our vehicle infrastructure. Our focus this year has been on the metropolitan Melbourne fleet, and those with a keen eye will have noticed three new IVECO tautliner rigid body trucks zipping around town, out into the Yarra Valley and into the countryside beyond.

These new vehicles are all extra high body trucks, with a carrying height equal to that of a semi trailer. This allows us to accommodate our clients with high freight, in excess of 240cms tall, and still offer the safety and security of transporting them inside a tautliner, away from the elements exposed when transporting on an open truck.

One of these vehicles is also larger than the standard rigid – offering a carrying capacity of 14 pallets, up to a weight of 14000kgs. It’s perfect for those larger shipments that don’t quite need a full semi trailer !

We have also added a Kenworth prime mover to our metro fleet, aptly registered with the plates starting 1KW, and you will see that working up and down Citylink, Eastlink and Canterbury Road as we service clients with moves and shifts right across Melbourne.

Along with these new vehicles we also have some new faces to drive them. Many of you will have already met Hayden, who has been doing an exceptional job for us since joining back in July.

More recently, we have welcomed Eddie to our team, and he is quickly getting up to speed driving both rigids and semis, familiarising himself with routes, locations and the specific freight needs of each of our clients.