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Lifting Services are Available Across Australia

All project managers understand the complexity of bringing the delivery of projects together.

Co-ordinating schedules, site access, OH&S requirements and pre-inductions is challenging enough, and if something is to go wrong, then it always seems to be another party’s fault.

This is why M&S Transport has established a lifting speciality within its project division. It allows us to centralise responsibility, minimise risk, and take the pressure of co-ordinating multiple resource providers away from our client partners.

It’s a lot easier for everyone to stay on the same page when you’ve got a single point of contact.

Whether in a capital city or a remote regional area, your personal logistics consultant at M&S can organise lifting as an integral part of the transport service. Equipment, labour, compliance control and project management is all included.

This saves a lot of time for both you and your customer. It also minimises the risk for delays and demurrage charges. And M&S can lift pretty much any item fit for road transport: through our network of reliable contractors, we have ready access to over 175 assets – everything from side loaders and forklifts right up to 200T Franna cranes.

Our Lifting Services

WrapSafe Protection

For goods in long term storage between events, our WrapSafe service is the ideal protection from any dust, dirt or sun damage.

Oversize Overmass

The complexities and risk in oversize and overmass transport is best mitigated via intelligent planning. Intensive pre-shipment investigative work underpins our oversize and overmass solutions.

Renewable Energy

Most wind and solar farms do not have permanent lifting equipment. So whether its a crane in Esperance to lift off a generator, or an off-road forklift to position batteries at the end of each row of solar panels in Darwin, we can help.

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Safewrap Pallet Shrinking Service


Wrap your sensitive items with Wrapsafe shrink wrapping to avoid moisture, dust and other harmful elements during transit.


When sending high value cargo via any form of freight, it's crucial to consider the possibility of loss or damage during transit.

Solar Sensitivities

We know the importance of solar sensitivities during transport and take measures to ensure the safe delivery of solar equipment.

O&M Supply Chain

Operations and Maintenance Supply Chain is a critical component of the renewable energy industry which we are proud to service.