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Lego Delivery to The Adelaide Museum

Seamless logistics, labelling and transportation of pre-built LEGO exhibits to the Adelaide Museum.

This case study showcases the successful transportation of three containers filled with pre-built LEGO exhibits to the Adelaide Museum. The project aimed to bring captivating and educational LEGO displays to the museum, enhancing visitor experiences and promoting interactive learning.


Fragility and Complexity of the goods presented a problem, but our client did an exceptional job of preparing the goods for shipment. LEGO exhibits are delicate and intricate, requiring utmost care during transportation to prevent damage. The pre-built structures comprised thousands of LEGO pieces, making disassembly and reassembly time-consuming and challenging.

Logistics Planning:

Coordinating the transportation of three containers from the source location to the Adelaide Museum involved multiple logistical considerations, including route planning, adhering to strict timelines, and managing road closures to ensure patrons could still access the Museum

Space and Handling:

Ensuring adequate space and appropriate handling methods for the containers throughout the transportation process posed challenges, as any mishandling could lead to damage and compromise the integrity of the exhibits. There was also limited space in the loading dock so only one container could be unloaded at a time.


Pre-Transportation Preparation: A team of LEGO experts meticulously documented and disassembled the exhibits, carefully labelling each piece for efficient reassembly at the destination. Fragile components were packed securely using custom-made cushioning materials.

Specialised Packaging and Handling:

The exhibits were packed in specially designed crates with shock-absorbing materials to protect them during transit. Fragile areas were reinforced, and temperature and humidity control measures were implemented.

Dedicated Logistics Team:

A dedicated logistics team with expertise in handling sensitive cargo was assigned to oversee the transportation process. They collaborated with M&S Transport drivers to ensure smooth coordination and compliance with regulations.

Keys to Success:

Proper preparation, labelling, and packaging are crucial for the safe transportation of delicate exhibits like LEGO structures. Collaboration with experienced logistics professionals and freight forwarders.

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