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The end-to-end logistics solutions enjoyed by our 4PL clients are also available on a per-service basis. As for warehousing, we can tailor an offering to suit your specific needs – from storing a single pallet to providing thousands of square metres of warehouse space and including the full range of associated services, such as dock collections, container unpacks and de-hires, pick-and-pack and rubbish removal.

M&S have warehouses in all capital cities and long-standing relationships with a national network of secure contractor facilities in regional areas. In total, it’s over 50,000m2 of storage space.

Value-added Services


All our warehouses are fully fenced and feature sensors on all loading docks and access doors. We employ back-to-base alarms and monitored CCTV systems throughout our facilities, and there are regular security patrols after hours. And, of course, unless you explicitly request external storage, all goods are stored indoors.

Fire Safety

Sprinkled or not, you choose – some goods are more sensitive to water than to smoke. Either way, M&S always provide optimal fire safety through back-to-base alarms and automated rapid response.

Remote Management

With M&S, you can always access instant stock counts and locate individual items right down to bay and row. Simply log into the M&S warehouse management systems through our online portal, or connect your own logistics software for seamless integration.

Our Warehousing Services

M&S provide the full range of warehousing services:


Short and long term storage is available in all capital cities. We offer pallet racking, concrete hardstand and 24/7 security and monitoring. We can also integrate our locations into your internal system for ease of stock location and movement.

Container Unpacking

Our container unpacking services are available for palletised and sensitive freight. We have experience with a wide range of sensitive equipment and machinery, and offer express container unpacks for delayed arrivals.

Container return transfers

Nothing is more wasteful than detention fees for late container returns. Our integrated networks ensure rapid response for container returns, eliminating late fees and flagging potential issues days in advance.


Our pick and pack network extends to thousands of SKU’s, daily inbound and outbound orders and after hours callouts. With the capability to manage ongoing projects such as maintenance of the National Broadband Network (NBN), rest assured we have the ability to assist you,

Rubbish removal

Every container we unpack is cleaned and certified rubbish-free before being dehired. We also offer rubbish removal and recycling services to warehousing and pick and pack clients.

For complimentary advice on a strategic solution for your particular business, just get in touch with an industry specialist at M&S today. Our experienced logistics consultants can provide valuable pointers for what to consider when creating a custom solution that delivers maximum efficiency and cost-savings.

Single User Facilities

Dedicated warehouses for importers, exporters, manufacturers, long term and short term storage, pick and pack.

Multi-User Shared Facilities

For those with more flexible needs, book exactly how much storage space you need - in all capital cities across Australia.

Value-Added Services

Pick and pack, re-packaging, specialised wrapping and protection and more.

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Wrap your sensitive items with Wrapsafe shrink wrapping to avoid moisture, dust and other harmful elements during transit.


When sending high value cargo via any form of freight, it's crucial to consider the possibility of loss or damage during transit.

Solar Sensitivities

We know the importance of solar sensitivities during transport and take measures to ensure the safe delivery of solar equipment.

O&M Supply Chain

Operations and Maintenance Supply Chain is a critical component of the renewable energy industry which we are proud to service.