M&S Transport

Transport and Logistics Solutions for Technology and Robotics

Manufacturers in the technology and robotics space are buoyed by incredible advancements in the field, and exponential growth opportunities.

However, this optimism is tempered by major supply chain disruptions, delays, and uncertain political and economic climates.

M&S Transport’s expertise in this space, coupled with nearly 50 years experience in sensitive freight, makes us your trusted, safe and secure partner to assist with all logistics requirements in Australia.

We support project managers.

Consistency and trust become the key measure of success in supply chain networks. Which is why M&S Transport provides you with a professional and experienced transport executive as your single point of contact to manage and secure your transport and supply chain requirements. We focus on delivering innovative, reliable and cost-effective customised solutions, no matter how urgent the assignment, how sensitive the cargo, how awkward the item or how critical the deadlines.

To ensure that every piece of your consignment arrives in perfect condition, we create, manage and execute best-in-class sustainable transport solutions for your project backed up by one of Australia’s most reliable road transport teams.

We have been providing transport and supply chain solutions to the energy sector for nearly fifty years, and from that grew a strong client base in technology and robotics.

Sharbel Farah

Project Manager, Operations

Sharbel Farah is a versatile professional with degrees in electrical engineering, business and economics. As a skilled project manager, he excels in managing complex projects and delivering tangible results.

We Develop

We develop 360° concepts for your supply chains from the collection of your containers off the wharf to the transport and delivery of your robotics and machinery.

We Manage

We manage and monitor your global shipments to ensure we maintain visibility of your consignments throughout their journey.

We Communicate

We contact and liaise directly with your project managers and installers to provide executive-level service and to ensure your client receives service excellence – an extension of your own sales force.

We Deliver

We deliver real added value through the prompt provision of proof of delivery, inventory management, contract warehousing and short-term storage solutions, invoicing and account management.

Technology Industry Focused Transport Solutions

WrapSafe Protection

For goods in long term storage between events, our WrapSafe service is the ideal protection from any dust, dirt or sun damage.

Oversize and Overmass

The complexities and risk in oversize and overmass transport is best mitigated via intelligent planning. Intensive pre-shipment investigative work underpins our oversize and overmass solutions.


We will store all your goods between exhibitions in our warehouses nationally and co-ordinate delivery plans to ensure your events run smoothly.

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Safewrap Pallet Shrinking Service


Wrap your sensitive items with Wrapsafe shrink wrapping to avoid moisture, dust and other harmful elements during transit.


When sending high value cargo via any form of freight, it's crucial to consider the possibility of loss or damage during transit.

Solar Sensitivities

We know the importance of solar sensitivities during transport and take measures to ensure the safe delivery of solar equipment.

O&M Supply Chain

Operations and Maintenance Supply Chain is a critical component of the renewable energy industry which we are proud to service.

Direct Message

Sharbel Farah