Warehouses in all capitals cities ensure M&S provides a complete end-to-end logistics solution to meet your needs.

M&S offer warehousing solutions in all capital cities. With storage options from single pallet spaces up to 15,000 m3 under-roof, we can tailor an offering to suit your specific needs.

Our warehousing service include short term storage, long term storage, container unpack, pick and pack, 24 hr security monitoring, integrated software solutions and much more.

If you are finding it difficult to manage the cost of running your warehouse internally, perhaps an outsourced solution such as ours may be of benefit.


Rest assured that your goods stored in our warehouses are fully protected and feature a fully fenced site, back to base alarm monitoring, after hours security patrols.


The site is armed with a feature- packed alarm system, including closed circuit television (CCTV) throughout the warehouse, back to base alarm monitoring for 24/7 365 coverage, sensors on all loading docks and entry doors.


Our warehouse management systems can be directly linked to your internal software to provide seamless integration. Should you prefer, our online portal allows for instantaneous identification of each stock item (bay and row identifiers) and up-to-date stock counts.

Stock Management

Warehouse Management

Some FAQ’s from other clients are included below.

How do you charge?

The specific rates vary from location to location, but there is usually a charge for moving into storage, a weekly fee, and a charge for moving out of storage.

Can you unpack containers?

Of course. We offer container unpack services in all states, as well as rubbish removal and container return transfers.

Do you do pick and pack?

Some of our locations are set up for pick and pack of products. We tailor storage solutions specific to each individual client’s needs and can create a pick and pack solution that will exceed your expectations.

Are the goods undercover and secure?

Yes. All goods are stored undercover, unless external storage is specifically requested by our client. All our warehouses offer a combination of security cameras, monitored alarms and patrols.

Are your sites sprinkled?

Some of our sites are sprinkled. Many of our clients have goods that are more susceptible to damage from water than smoke, so we offer both solutions.

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